CSC Coaching Staff

Since 1992 the Clavet Skating Club has attracted high calibre coaches who help us support the philosphy of skating is fun to learn, inspirational to watch, and requires the training and athleticism of any rigorous sport along with the grace and agility of a ballerina, the speed of a sprinter, the creativity of an artist and the talent of an entertainer.

Laura McLeod - Head Coach

Skating has been my passion since I was young: as a coach, it is so rewarding to come to the rink each day and to see skaters grow and develop their own love for this sport! Over the past 10 years, I have been fortunate to attend a number of different seminars and coaching projects and currently sit on the Provincial Coaches Core Committee and Coaches' Association of Saskatchewan Board of Directors. I have received both my B.A. and B.Ed. from the University of Saskatchewan, and currently coach our STARSkate programs, Rising STARSkate programs, CanPower program, and CanSkate program. 



- 10th year of professional coaching - StarSkate, CanSkate, SynchroSkate and CanPower

- Trained National Coach, Certified Provincial Coach 

- Level 3 Theory

- Certified CanPowerSkate

- National CanSkate University Program Graduate (Quebec City, 2014)

- Regional Coach Developer and Learning Facilitator

Katelynn Montgomery - CanSkate Lead Coach

Skating has been a huge and very important part of my life for the past 16 years and I love being able to share my passion for it through coaching. It is so rewarding to see the kids having fun and progressing through the skills. I am working to complete my CanSkate Certification this season.



CANSkate Coach In Training 

Skating History: 



DANCE - Gold 


Colette Kernaleguen - CanSkate, RisingStar and Jr StarSkate Coach

Skating has been a passion of mine since a young age, and now as a coach I am passionate about guiding skaters through the programs and helping them reach their goals. I also strive to make skating a safe and comfortable environment for all skaters as well as keep skating fun and inclusive. I am currently working through my regional coaching course to become a certified regional coach. I am also a first year student at the University of Saskatchewan in the college of Kinesiology.

Lauren Mitchell - CanSkate, Rising Star and Jr StarSkate Coach

My skating journey began here at this very club! In my years of skating at the Clavet Skating Club I have developed a strong passion for the sport, and as a coach, I hope to pass on my love for skating to as many as possible. Over the years I have been fortunate to develop strong friendships, memories and skating achievements including passing my Gold level tests in both Skating Skills and Interpretive. I am a certified Club coach, and currently have a Regional Coach In-Training Status. Throughout the season I will be working towards completing my next steps of coaching qualifications. I am currently attending school at the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Agriculture while continuing to pursue my coaching career.

Wyatt Cowell - Dance Coach

I have been skating since the age of three and figure skating since I was six. Through my own experience as a competitive ice dancer, I have gained a vast array of knowledge that I love to bring to the ice each day and share with other skaters. I am currently in my third year of Kinesiology at the U of S and continue with my own skating, as well as coaching, to continually improve my own skating abilities. Wyatt is the CSC's resident dance partner and coach in our STARSkate program.


  • 4th year of professional coaching

  • Certified Primary STARSkate (Level 1)

  • 6 years Provincial Dance Champion

  • 4 year Challenge Competitor (Pre-Novice & Novice Dance)

  • 2013 Canadians competitor (Novice Dance)

  • 2010 Canada Games Competitor (Pre-Novice Dance)

  • 2009 Sask Games Bronze Medallist (Category 3 Dance)

Skating History - Skate Canada Tests Completed as of Date


  • DANCE- Gold, Partial Diamond

  • FREESKATE- Jr. Silver, Sr. Silver Elements

Kayla Parker

Skating has been a central and much loved part of my life since I was three years old. Now as a coach, I enjoy guiding skaters of all levels to attain their skating goals and to become the wonderful individuals they are meant to be. I continually attend various courses to further my education and provide the best coaching expertise possible. Outside of the rink, I have achieved a B.Sc Honors and M.D at the University of Saskatchewan. I am currently completing my medical residency in Paediatrics in Saskatoon. Currently I coach all programs provided at CSC on a casual basis.



- 10th year of professional coaching - StarSkate, CanSkate and CanPower

- Certified Level 2 (ISPC)

- Certified CanPowerSkate

- Gold CEP (Continuous Education Program)

Skating History - Skate Canada Tests Completed as of Date



- DANCE - Gold

- FREESKATE - Jr. Bronze

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